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The goal of the World of Education is to provide the best education resources to the public at a great cost: free.

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Usage Guidelines

The following acceptable use guidelines apply to their respective sections.


In the Library we have gathered together a large number of documents and formatted them for easy download and a pleasant read. These documents include the complete works of William Shakespeare, Historical Documents and Case Studies, Classical Literature and Articles on Education. The works of Shakespeare have been provided in its entirety and can be easily downloaded and printed at no more than the cost of toner! A printable version (minus the graphics) of each act and scene is also available. We understand the cost of books these days and would like you and your students to save some money by being able to download these great works.

Like the works of Shakespeare, the Classical Literature section is out to save you some money by providing out-of-print works. From Peter Pan to Great Expectations, we have collected a number of books that would fit in any curriculum. Suggestions for more books are always welcome

The Articles on Education are from the ERIC clearinghouses. These digests, which are in the public domain, explore varied issues in the education field. For the aspiring teacher, seasoned professional or jaded employer, these articles will help you improve your knowledge of any particular subject, and with the comprehensive bibliographies, lead you to more specific research on any given topic.

All these documents and images are in the public domain. As such, they may be reproduced without permission for non-profit and personal use. Feel free to print and use in class or in your assignments. You can encourage students towards independent learning with quizzes that will lead them through the various primary documents and arrive at conclusions outside of the classroom.

Any Maps produced for the the US or Canada Facts may be used for non-profit academic or personal use. Please contact us regarding all other use.

Re-use/reproduction of some materials may be limited, please see our Acceptable Use Guidelines.
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