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Teacher Salary Information - the United Kingdom

The following information details the salary scale for teachers in the United Kingdom. There are two general categories for classroom teachers: main and upper. Different categories and pay levels are achieved by teachers based on experience and ongoing assessments of teachers. Click here to view the national standards a teacher has to achieve to get the upper pay levels.

England & Wales Inner London Outer London Fringe
M1 �19,161 �23,001 �22,002 �20,082
M2 �20,676 �24,315 �23,316 �21,597
M3 �22,338 �26,007 �24,978 �23,259
M4 �24,057 �27,756 �26,697 �24,981
M5 �25,953 �29,676 �28,593 �26,877
M6 �28,005 �31,749 �30,642 �28,923

Note: Teachers usually start on point M1. However, if they have other teaching experience they may start higher up the scale. Individual school have the ability to issue award discretionary points for other relevant experience that may lead to a teacher starting another pay level. A school�s pay policy should explain how these points are awarded.

England & Wales Inner London Outer London Fringe
U1 �30,339 �35,985 �32,979 �31,260
U2 �31,464 �37,752 �34,101 �32,385
U3 �32,628 �38,916 �35,268 �33,549

To view further details and access the a payroll toolkit, provided by the UK Department for Education and Skills, click here.

Click here to utilize an available online teacher salary calculator.

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