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Teacher Salary Information - Australia

Each state in Australia governs the salary of their educators. The following information is the most current information on teacher and other educator salaries for each Australian state.

Australian Capital Territory

Salaries for teachers and educators in the Australian Capital Territory are based on a 9 point salary range. Click here for a complete listing of teacher, principal, administrator and other educator salary information.

New South Wales

Teachers in New South Wales are currently among the best paid in Australia. In 2003 the salaries for teachers in NSW government schools were:

  • Starting salary 4-year trained (eg BEd) = $41,109
  • Starting salary 5-year trained (eg BEd BA, BEd BSc, BA MTeach, BSc MTeach) = $43,225
  • Top of teacher salary scale (Step 13) = $58,692
  • Head teacher i.e. subject head = $66,534
  • Deputy Principal = from $64,977 to $76,923
  • Principal = from $77,915 to $95,101

Click here for current teacher salaries in NSW. If you are a newly appointed teacher in NSW click here for some very valuable compensation information.

Northern Territory

Click here for more information on teacher and other edcation professional's salary information on the Northern Terrritory.


Click here to view salary information for teachers in Queensland (2003). For information on salaries for supply teachers click here. For more information on salaries for TAFE teachers, Senior College Instructors and Tutors click here

South Australia

Click here for salary information for teachers in South Australia.


Click here for more information about teacher and other educator salaries in Tasmania.

The Tasmania Department in Education offers a number of incentives as well as allowances. For more information on these benefits click on the following links:


For more information on salary information in the State of Victoria, click on the following links.

For detailed information about teacher salaries, compensation and other allowances click here.

Western Australia

Four year trained beginning teachers are paid a starting salary of $39,437. Teachers at the top of the scale (known as Level 2.3) are paid a salary of $57,810*. Click here for a fully detailed table of teacher salaries in Western Australia.

* Note: All salary rates are effective from 1 February 2004, based on full-time employment and are as per the Government School Teachers and School Administrators Certified Agreement 2004. Click here to read the 2004 agreement.

Comparative Salary Information

Click here to view a comparative table of teacher salaries in each state in Australia.

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